5 Google Ads Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses can make good use of pay-per-click (PPC) ads. However, as with any marketing or advertising, they need to be smart about it.  Learning how to navigate PPC ads is often an exact science. With enough determination and experimentation, you can find the right formula. We have five Google Ads tips for small businesses that may help you:

Optimize Your Ads and Landing Pages

There’s a lot to be said about conversion and click-through rates when it comes to Google Ads. What you want to remember is that you pay for clicks on the ad. It means that, potentially, you could have thousands of people clicking — and you’ll be paying for that — without actually seeing an ROI.

It makes the optimization of your landing page extremely important, as it needs to drive conversion. A great way to accomplish that is by creating a limited-time offer. Of course, your ad should send those who click to the product landing page. If it goes to your homepage, it will force the customer to go through extra steps to find what they want.

Find Specific (Long Tail) Keywords

Knowing your audience is vital if you want to target them effectively. One of the primary ways to accomplish this is using proper keywords. You want to avoid the highly competitive ones, which will cost you more. Focus on long-tail keywords instead. Try to come up with what your customers might type into the search box and use those keywords. If you go with something fundamental like “pet shop,” make sure also to set up some negative keywords that aren’t relevant to your business. You don’t want your ad associated with a search like “pet shop game,” for example.

Target Local Customers

For businesses that have a brick-and-mortar store, going local in your targeting is a smart move. This is equally true for B2B companies that target local merchants. Google AdWords lets you target by city, zip code or even radius by mile/km around your business location. For sending offers and coupons, you can try targeting customers outside of your immediate area, to give them an incentive to come to you.

Take Advantage of Peak Hours

Tweak your conversion rates even more by only showing ads during specific hours of the day. Of course, the time you should target depends on your business. Perhaps you want your ads to help you pick up speed during slow hours or days? Alternatively, you can turn off ads during peak hours if you can’t respond .

Keep Tweaking and Tracking Everything

For any successful ad campaign, you need to be tracking the crucial parameters. Bounce rate, time on site, the path to purchase, conversion rate and click-through are some of the tracking parameters that come to mind. With all the available info, you’ll be able to tweak your campaign to be more profitable.

Google Ads are a great advertising tool for small businesses. Like everything else, it has a learning curve. If you don’t have the time or interest to DIY it, consider hiring professionals.

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