8 LinkedIn Experts Reveal How Lawyers Can Get 1,000,000 Views On LinkedIn In 12 Weeks

This is a guest post by Digital Edge Advertising contributor Ong Si Quan, the Content Marketing Manager at CandyBar, a digital loyalty card app. Increasing referral traffic is his game.

Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. Musical.ly.

Every time a new platform like them appears, it becomes the newest “shiny object” that will transform your business.

Yet, there is one quiet giant platform that has been neglected.

And if you’re a lawyer, it should be a platform you that you leverage.

After all, it is a network for professionals to connect.

It is where most of your B2B clients can be found (ignoring those pesty recruiters and multi-level marketers.)

Furthermore, LinkedIn’s recent algorithm changes have seen people flocking back to the platform, allowing them to generate millions of views, and sending thousands of leads back to their business.

If you are wondering how YOU can take advantage of LinkedIn, you are in luck.

I reached out to 8 LinkedIn influencers to find out their secrets on how to go viral and generate leads for your business.

I specifically asked them:

“If you had 12 weeks to train me to get 1,000,000 views on LinkedIn and had a million dollars on the line, what would the training look like?”

And these are their answers.

How To Get A Million Views In Only 12 Weeks

 Vin Clancy | vincentdignan.com

I would have my team get you to 2,000 new relevant connections in that time, at the same time as posting 3 killer status updates a day on LinkedIn, which would average 20,000 views per post, before we layer on paid stuff to boost.

I’d start off by sharpening your copywriting skills. I’d teach you how to convey power and meaning in clean language that appeals to a large audience with actionable tips like these can you improve your writing fast.

A common mistake I see people on make is using complex verb tenses broad adjectives and adverbs. Stay away from words like ‘really’, ‘actually’, ‘basically’ etc, they dilute your message. Only put words that carry real meaning, not contextual.

Then we’ll focus on you telling your unique story. Stories are the most powerful way to activate a human brain and thus the best way to engage an audience. They’re vehicles of meaning and will make your message stick. Acquaint yourself with basic storytelling techniques and develop your own style.

To make people connect with you, you need to make business personal. Share stories of personal success and failure. If you want people to trust you, you’ll need to invite them into whatever’s happening behind the curtains. Show your face. Be vulnerable. Be human.

So far for the theory.

The way I’ll teach you this is by having you bang out at least one post every day, put it out there, then learn from mistakes and find your sweet spot. With every post your writing will get better, you’ll get a better understanding of your audience and your own value.

Consistency beats perfection every day of the week.

I wouldn’t change anything if our time would be cut, except for having you execute faster so you’d learn faster.

 Thomas Ma | Sapphire Apps

I would say you need to post every single day. Keep your story simple and make sure to document as much as you can people. People enjoy seeing the struggle and the rise of the entrepreneur. I would say if you’re trying to get 10M views, you’re in it for the wrong reason. You need to put the audience first before you look at vanity, so that would be the mistake.

As you post consistently, you need to engage with your audience and connect with people who like your content. Especially the 2nd connection. To expand your reach, you need people to consistently engage. Generally, people who like your content will accept your connection request.

 Ben Bradbury | Glisser

If you’ve got 3 months to get a million views, you’re going to need to put out a lot of content. That’s at least a piece of copy a day, and potentially a video too, so I’d start by teaching you how to systematically batch your content creation, so you can show up every day for 90 days.

Then, it’s all about engagement. Commenting on influencer’s posts, continually expanding your network, and ensuring that all engagement on your posts is being responded to, to keep them showing up on people’s feeds. If there’s a million dollars on the line, I’d probably use VAs to respond to each of your comments too, as there’s going to be a lot of them.

 Harsh Jani | Nextures

Training would be pretty intense but it won’t be as much about creating content or making videos. It will be more on creating relationships. LinkedIn is transforming into the SOCIAL NETWORK for businesses. For you to be social, it is key to build and nurture relationships. Have you heard about the 80/20 rule? I try to apply that for many things in life. For you to be successful on LinkedIn — I would say you should be spending 4 times as much time building relationships and interacting with people as you do creating the content. You ask — WHY? Because the people you engage with on regular basis will engage with you and your content and this will help push your content out further and to their audiences. The results can be mind blowing.

So, to summarise, spend 20% of your time content creating and 80% distributing.

You can create as much content as you want, but if no one reads it or gets value from it, its useless.

 Michaela Alexis | Grade A Digital

Anybody that knows me will tell you that the million dollars wouldn’t make much difference. I’m just happy to share what I know and watch other people succeed, that’s the real value for me. That said, I would run you through our personal branding workshop, which goes through your strengths, weaknesses, values, and goals. We’ll talk about your failures and what that failure taught you to help you ultimately succeed.

You’d be surprised at how quickly people succeed online when they just have a clear idea of who they are and why they do what they do. From there, we’d work on formatting, breaking down your update into its most digestible version. We’d had some media, whether it’s a photo or video, and we’d make sure that your audience is going to see themselves in your story and experience and learn something awesome from it.

Time doesn’t matter, I wrote my first viral article within about a month. You just need to learn how to properly communicate who you are with the world with the right intentions. Don’t do anything for views or likes. Do it to help people, that will give you far more motivation to keep going.

 Hailey Friedman | Growth Marketing Pro

I would send you to my blog post about How to go Viral on Linkedin and have you follow that step by step guide.

 Manu Goswami | Rafiki Media

I could do it in one week however I don’t know if 1M is a big enough goal. Why don’t we make the goal: become a resourceful person on the platform who has many people that genuinely look up to you.

If I was going to help you do that, you’d first need to share content about your journey. That content can be informative (articles with your original commentary in the caption), inspirational (stories of your peers or quotes you like), or a personal anecdote (related to not only your victories but your struggles and failures). You need to express your thoughts honestly and authentically in order to get people to relate to it.

They’re tons of ways to get more people to see your posts (little tricks like formatting, when to post) but those will never substitute great content that comes from your heart. It’s what helped me get over 1M views under twenty four hours on a post!

It’s Your Turn

LinkedIn is no longer a mere sleeping mammoth.

With its recent changes, LinkedIn is now a giant, staking its claim amongst the most popular of social networks.

And if it is your goal to build thought leadership and generate leads for your attorney business…

Note down the strategies given to you by these 8 influencers — and implement them.

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Ong Si Quan is the Content Marketing Manager at CandyBar, a digital loyalty card app. Increasing referral traffic is his game, and he specializes in building, growing and scaling social channels to drive traffic. In his spare time, he enjoys breakdancing.

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