$40+ million spent in the last 3 years alone.

“Theoretical” marketing doesn’t pay the bills. A proven marketing framework does.

We track everything so that we know what is working.

Specializing in online advertising for small and medium businesses.

Accountable advertising should be available to everyone.

A business that can profitably acquire customers through advertising will win.


The first step on any advertising campaign is strategy. In this recorded roadmapping session, we dive deep into your business goals and align them with marketing initiatives. We plan out the marketing campaign and deliver the Digital Edge Growth Blueprint™, including where and how you should be advertising. If you decide to have us implement the plan, we deduct the cost of this roadmapping session from any campaign setup fees.


AdWords is a powerful marketing weapon… if it is deployed correctly. Our team has spent $40+ million in advertising between Google and Facebook advertising over the last few years. We understand how to make AdWords produce a return on the money you invest, and to increase the amount of leads from your current budget.


Facebook is one of the most powerful ways to push your message out to your ideal customers. And with 1.94 billion active monthly users all over the world, your ideal customer is there. We have the knowledge and experience to put the right message in front of that person at the right time to increase revenue for your business.


We get it. Lifetime customer value, customer acquisition costs, return on investment, CPC, CPM… all of the numbers can be overwhelming. We specialize in taking the data from your analytics and telling you the story of your business. Your data (properly collected, analyzed, and understood) is the difference between profitable advertising and just donating your marketing budget to Facebook or Google.


Can’t figure out what the problem is with your funnel? There are many elements that go into a profitable funnel and they all must be perfect to make it work. If you are having trouble with yours… don’t feel bad. We are here to help give you clarity on what is working and more importantly, what needs to be improved.